Aalap Builders

Aalap Builders - 2020

Project: Aalap Builders

Client: Mr Ritesh Parsana

Completion of Year: 2020

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

#InteriorDesign || Aalap Builder Office

Review: Located in Rajkot, Gujarat, Aalap office building was a challenge for a team at Avantgarde Design Studio.
The Aalap office building was designed to reflect the casual culture of this real estate and construction firm. Elegant, yet approachable and best possible transparent, the space is an open environment with both modern design and timeless furnishings.
An unmuted, glass surrounding the whole office area established the informal, free-flowing vibe of the space that gives visitors exposure to the views and allows the unique operations of the firm to be showcased.
The use of materials and graphics reminiscent of the client’s core business results in a strong link between this creative office and the customers they serve.

Sitara Heights - 2019

Project: Residential Space Design

Client: Mr Rahul Patel

Completion of Year: 2019

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

#InteriorDesign || Residential Space - Rajkot

Review: It's all in the details, as it is said. The smaller pieces make the bigger picture- The combination of various materials and textures defining this composition give the design a luxe tone.
With this beautiful residential abode, our vision was to design the space with a tactful play of materials keeping the nerve of the place calm yet quirky! The idea was to create an ambient place that is relaxing yet vibrant!
The motto was to strike a balance between the neutrals and bright colors, and hence explore various textures and finishes to blend and fuse the design into a perfect symphony.

Sitara Heights
Sitara Heights

Sitara Heights - 2019

Project: Residential Home Theater

Client: Mr Ketan Marwadi

Completion of Year: 2019

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

#SpaceDesign || Home Theater - Ketan Marwadi

Review: We, at Avantgarde Design Studio, has attempted a space design to rejoice and amalgamate the ethnic character with a mix of the modern and contemporary panorama to bring out a fusion that interprets into a calm yet amusing adobe theatre.
The project is a collaboration between Acoustic Designer - Fenil Mehta of White Noise and ...Architect Shwetang Monani of Avantgarde Design Studio. The duo of two designers wanted to emphasize the unique elements designed especially for this space through lighting and balancing the space with different sound materials and textures.
As you enter from the far end of the room, the custom made curved hybrid panels immediately stand out. They are precisely machined and finished matte to create a diffused and absorbent sound field for the front 2/3rd of the room. The panels are designed to integrate lighting and thus giving both a soft diffused light or a dramatic play on light and shade depending on the intensity.
This exceptional home theatre for our client was a special project in its own way since we aimed to maintain its simplistic demeanor while keeping the space minimal and quirky in its own subtle ways. The project also speaks of our attention to the smallest details since it’s the little details that that make a big difference and spate the standard from the stunning!
Principal Designer - Shwetang Monani
Drawing & Design by - Team ADS
Acoustic Designer - Fenil Mehta
Photographer - Bhargav Chavda


Residential Space - 2018

Project: Residential Space Design

Client: Mr Dipak Somaiya

Completion of Year: 2018

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

#InteriorDesign || Mr Dipak Somaiya

Review: Designers responded with a space that is bright, airy, inviting and comfortable, yet sophisticated. Dark wood paneling frames the view and linear recessed lighting draw the eye outside. Furnishings and finishes that are quality, timeless and tailored. The space is grounded on Italian marble marble flooring. Open view from rooms creates a sense of vibrancy and a view of surroundings.

Why Not Gym - 2018

Project: Fitness and Wellness centre

Client: Mr Raghu Rathod

Completion of Year: 2018

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat.

#SpaceDesign || Why Not Gym

Review: Finding the motivation to exercise might be easier if you were a member of this beautifully designed fitness facilities. Design by Avantgarde Design Studio, Why Not Gym is a state-of-the-art facility offering 5632 square feet of exercise space. The client’s goals for the project were twofold: to create efficiencies that would allow them to consolidate into two floors from one and modernize the space to better reflect their core values, facilitate their fitness services and showcase “playful, fun-loving space” model for their fitness enthusiast clients and trainer. The resulting space is progressive, efficient, engaging and up-to-date with the latest lighting, technology, numerous flooring options, and many other amenities.

Why Not Gym - GALLERY

Aashray Impex - 2014

Project: Commercial Space Design

Client: Mr. Chirag Sanghani

Completion of Year: 2014

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat.

#InteriorDesign || Corporate Office - Rajkot

Review: Our client saw their new office space as a blank slate, from which they could communicate their connection to their business community. Our team translated this desire into a contemporary environment steeped in their business-based craftsman movement but embracing the modern spirit fundamental to the firm’s business practice. Private offices, custom administrative workstations, and conference centres support a team and huge staff. Furnishings are comfortable and tailored in quality, timeless finishes. Space is grounded on Italian marble flooring.